Why does Villa Appalaccia Concentrate on producing Italian-Inspired wines?

We love Italian food and Italian wines. In particular, Chianti Classico has been our wine of choice for too many years to remember. Italian wines, the great ones, have always been food friendly and here at Villa Appalaccia, we have strived to find the best Italian grape varietals to grow here in Virginia with the goal of introducing you to these great treasures.

We are often asked, "what makes an Italian wine different. Here is a very interesting quote from the eminent wine authority, Jancis Robinson."One of Chianti’s great attributes is how very digestible it can be, apparently created for the table. It complements rather than clobbers food. Chianti may occasionally be called the Bordeaux of Italy but the structure of the wines is very different from any French wine. Polish and suavity play little part in Chianti’s appeal. A good Chianti is very definitely an agricultural product. It suggests farmland, sometimes even a farmyard. There’s a hint of autumn mulch or sometimes prunes, and there should always be some distinctively tangy freshness and bite - even a slight but appetising bitterness." JANCIS ROBINSON

We are also often asked about how dark/black a good wine should be or how much alcohol a food friendly wine should have. Again, an informative quote, Eric Asimov. "Many great Burgundies have been somewhat pale. Barolos, too, of impressive intensity and concentration, can be pretty pale. Top-level sangioveses and Riojas can also be light-colored. Frankly, as far as these wines are concerned, I’m more worried by unnaturally dark wines than I am pale wines. It indicates winemakers who are concerned enough with the public perception of the color of their wines to try to darken them, even as they know full well it makes no difference except in the marketing." ERIC ASIMOV

We hope you will come by and try our creations. Red Wines. Aglianico and Primitvo which are found predominantly in the south of Italy; Corvina veronese and Cabernet Franc which grow mostly in the north as well as Sangiovese and Montepulciano which grow iin the middle of the country. White Wines. Pinot Grigio from the north, Malvasia Bianca and Vermentino from the middle of Italy.

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