WHERE IS CASA CLARA? (the red dot near 'barga")


FROM PISA AIRPORT. The easiest entry to Italy is via Pisa. Munich to Pisa is a very convenient connection. Another alternate route is to Rome and then a 5 hr. drive up a mostly deserted coastline highway. We routinely drive from Pisa airport to the house in less than 1.25 hrs. It is a very small airport, an easy, direct drive to the Autostrada and even has a local train service hourly to Lucca. From Lucca there many trains that stop at our local stop, Ghivizzano. The train can be useful if friends are arriving at a different times. The station is at the bottom of the hill from Casa Clara. You cannot walk up to the house. A car is required. Casa Clara is situated in the small hamlet of Gromignana which is located at the top of a 1600 ft hill and has amazing views of the Apuan and Apennine Alps. Driving in Italy, especially around Lucca/Pisa is more pleasant than most US urban locations.