Above is a GOOGLE map of the current vineyard during the dormant season. Areas no longer in production but ready to replant are bordered in red. Green signifies land still available for planting.

The following is a series of links to Sycamore Creek Vineyard which is the source of grapes for Villa Appalaccia Winery. Over the years, since 1997, we have documented the many trials faced in growing quality wine grapes in Virginia. The pages have not been updated for a number of years, but it seems time to do so and we have listed all the older links here as well as the link to the current ongoing battle with MicroClimate Change as it is altering our vineyard.

EVER HEARD OF AGLIANICO? If you have never tried our Aglianico you need to. A breif history of the grape, where it comes from and how we found it.
YOUNG VINE DECLINE What it is like to buy grape cuttings that are infected!
VINE DEATH BY EUTYPIA A good reason not to prune your vines in the Winter when the sap isn't flowing.
ESTABLISHING A NEW VINEYARD FROM A FOREST Not enough vineyard so we annexed some adjacent forest land to plant more vines. A really very different terroir!
THE PEST OF THE EAST Grape root borer decimated our vineyard in the first 15-20 years. It is now under control?
BLACK GOO! A real curse when your vineyard stock came infected. here is how we managed to help the situation.